Thursday, September 6, 2007


Anticipation Don't wet your pants on this one, but I think this will be Fergie's next hit--almost sure of it. I've been saving this review, but now is the time as last weekend I finally heard it on the radio. I just can't hold it any longer.
Vocals Fergie works it bouncing between coy and innocent.
Music Sounds like there's an atari game in the background, and the jazzy chorus-lead in define this song.
Verses Strong performances. A full part of the song working hand-in-hand with the chorus.
Chorus The girl can't help it, it's just too catchy. But the drums, more than the lyrics, are what get stuck in my head.
Hook Is there one? I guess it's the music.
Breakdown I think I'd like this song better without the Fergie heart-to-heart.
Lyrics I'm not sure "clumsy" is the word to describe this song's subject. It works, but I could have imagined a song about being "clumsy" and "fumbling" as being more touchy feely in the literal sense.
Hit Potential Drink lots of water for this one, it's going to be HOT.
Final Note


Cristina said...

Okay, so this was going on repeat when I couldn't concentrate during finals. LOVE this.

leslie said...

holy shit, she's actually talented. who'd've thunk?

Anonymous said...


metal said...

Did she wet her pants?